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Please read this before trying to fill out SNAWS registrations.
SNAWS - Sharing Native American Ways Seminars

SNAWS is under new ownership and as a result there will be changes - hopefully for the good. The intent of having you read this is to understand the processes implemented and the reasoning behind them for handling the participation in SNAWS from here forward. We expect that spending a little time here will greatly reduce confusion later in the process.

The Indian Council of Many Nations, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization formerly organized as the Kansas City Indian Club. The acronym ICMN or the phrase "the Council" when used hereafter will refer to the Indian Council of Many Nations, Inc. The Council has taken up the cause of SNAWS where it was left by the Heart of America Council Boy Scouts of America. ICMN has high regard for the scouting program and regularly invites scouts to particpate in council activities such as Pow Wows. The Council feels that the proper instruction in Native American culture and crafts is essetial to the honor camping programs of scouting and will therefore always promote the program to scouting. However, the Council will open the program to non-scouters as well as we feel the information, crafts and history are important to all peoples. It is in part how the Native American community maintains its heritage and exposes the public in general to indiginous cultures.

In the past, SNAWS had a fixed program and fitted the participants to the course offerings. This generally meant that there was a lot of participant assignment to unrequested courses. The current plan is two-fold. First, we will take registrations where each participant designates their desired set of courses in order from 1st choice to 6th choice. As registrations come in, the Council will expand (or contract) the number of courses to match as much as possible the preferences ofthe participants. Each course will require a minimum of 5 participants or the course will be cancelled. If, for example 200 registrants request loom beading and the loom beading class is restricted to 20 participants, the Council will locate the instructors and provide for 10 loom beading classes if at all possible. By taking this approach to course-to-participant matching, we hope we can better fill the needs of the participant community.

Previously, SNAWS provided instruction but not necessarily materials for all classes. The SNAWS committee determined that it is very important that all participants can do hands-on learning and that all course materials for such should be provided within the cost structure of the registration fees. Therefore, all classes will be provided with equipment, tools and materials to make the SNAWS event a real hands-on learning experience. Obviously, we cannot provide a set of mocassins or a fancy choker to everyone that takes these classes (not for $20.00 anyway), but we can provide the participants with a mocassin to work with hands-on, etc. In the courses where the student will not actually have a take-away item from the class, we have been very careful to explain why and to provide sources for obtaining the materials for having the item for their own personal acoutraments. It is in part why SNAWS has a vendor space - so the participants may purchase materials for creating their own regalia and acoutraments. If the purpose is teaching and learning, then ICMN states with confidence that all participants will have everything at their disposal for learning. Please check the special course notes and make plans ahead of time if you wish to bring your own materials and actually work on your own item during the course instruction in the courses where materials will remain with the class.

There is a registration for the web site and you must be registered in order to create SNAWS registrations. This is due to the fact that we need a point of communication with each registrant (usually a scout troop leader) in case notifications of any sort need to be issued. This also gives us a way of communication where there may be financial or course assignment considerations.

Once logged-in, go to the SNAWS Registration page and begin creating participant records. Once each participant record is created and the course selections are made, you can push them to the checkout set. When ready, you may enter the checkout process and pay for the participants using PayPal or any major cedit card.

The day at SNAWS is comprised of three parts - Checkin, Courses, Final Assembly.

Check-in begins at 7:30 AM and continues until the first course starts. Walk-ins will only be accepted if course space permits (no additional courses will be created at the event). During check-in, the participants will receive their SNAWS packet which contains their course schedule, patch, program guide and hand-outs. The participant may feel free to enter the vendor area to browse or to purchase items for their own personal use. A short assembly will take place roughly 15 minutes prior to the first course which begins at 8:30 AM.

The courses will start on the half-hour and run from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (last class starts at 2:30 PM). The course may be one or two hours in length and the Regalia Workshop courses are full day classes. See the course guideline for information on each course. Every participant will be assigned a required one-hour lunch period. This means that the maximum number of courses you may attend is six (6). While not technically a course, you may select "OPEN" so that you may spend an hour either at the museum or in watching one of the live demonstrations or just wandering through the vendor areas. Remember, the higher the priority in the course selection the greater the guarantee that the course will be assigned. So, if having an hour to visit the museum is important, place it high in your list.

Once the courses are over, there will be a final assembly in the same location where the morning assembly took place. All participants who indicated they would like to work on the Indian Lore merit badge will have a chance to meet with a group of Indian Lore merit badge counserlors and get their merit badge cards signed. There will be a set of coups for each departing participant handed out at this time. We expect that everyone should be free to depart by about 4:00 PM.

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